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    Please complete our Survey for LICENSED PROVIDER for Health Insurance Work Group

    Use the link to take the survey -- we need at least 250 providers to take this survey. Our securing  health insurance for all of us DEPENDS ON YOU COMPLETING THIS SURVEY! Our future depends on YOU completing this survey. If providers don't step up, we might lose this valuable opportunity.

    2023 Health and Safety Training/CF Orientation Activity for New Staff

    2023 Current Child Care Rules in Oregon (Translation to Spanish in Process) CKC:HSN      Set: 1 Hours: 4 This training can be used to satisfy requirements for: HSN hours for licensing renewals, Staff orientation on licensing rules, Hours for increasing step level on ORO, and Hours for annual/biannual continuing education for licensing.

  • Register Now Open: 2024 Annual CCPT Conference in West Salem
    Updated On: Feb 22, 2024

    Please see the attached in English and Spanish to register. Registration is on the first page. 

    Questions? Contact oregonccpt132@gmail.com or Anneliese 971-204-9110 

    Here is what you should know about this year's conference...
    • When you first arrive. Park in the back of the building (conference center entrance). Come inside and take the stairs or elevator up to the 2nd floor. We will have someone greeting you once you arrive. Please head to registration when you first arrive. Each participant who registered as one of the first 100 will receive a conference logo bag filled with an assortment of goodies, a folder with your "certificate" and tons of information. 
    • How do I get credit for all the training hours? Each class/session will have a sticker/label for you to add to your "certificate". You will get the label at the end of the session. You will need to make sure you are signed in for the training (for trainings that bridge multiple blocks of time you will be signing once for each block of time. Please sign in using the same name that you will be using on your certificate to ensure that ORO will count all of your hours. Participants who arrive to a training more than 10 minutes late (and/or who leave more than 10 minutes early) will NOT receive a label for the full hours (so we are in full compliance with OCCD trainer requirements). Each participant will need to use their "certificate" to create a pdf file to upload into their ORO account or to create a copy to be sent into ORO with the ORO coverletter attached. 
    • Where are the vendors? Due to limited space, we were not able to have vendors this year. We are planning a larger conference next year and will have a robust selection of vendors next year. If you know a vendor or are a vendor, please email us and let us know so we can add you or the vendor you know for next year. 
    • There are door prizes? Yes. Make sure you get your name into the box (find the slips of paper on the same table as the box) and win a prize. Drawings will occur throughout the day on Saturday. You must be present (in the building) to win. Only 1 win per participant (so you can put your name in there more than once but you will only win once). 
    • Why are there extra folders in my bag? We have a ton of folders at the Salem office left over from when we first organized. We are trying to slim down our inventory. Use them for whatever you want. Need more folders? Send an email to the union executive board -- oregonccpt132@gmail.com and we will see what we can do. 
    • Do you have some swag you'd like to see in the bags next year? Email our local union or fill out suggestions on the Conference Evaluation. You will get that at in your folder in your bag. 
    • What should I do with the evaluations for each training and for the Conference Evaluation? Put all of your evaluations into the box on the way to the elevator/stairs or on a table in room where you take the training. Please put the Conference evaluation on the table in the LAST training you attend or in the box near the elevator/stairs.
    • Panel Etiquette. Please listen to our panelists. Be courteous. Be respectful. If you disagree with something and feel the need to speak up, raise your hand and one of our emcee's will recognize you. Please no "booing" or harassing our panelists. We have a number of questions already submitted for both panels (Friday night with State and Saturday for Expulsion/Suspension Panel). If you have a question that isn't asked, please ask at the end of the questions already selected (if the panel runs out of time) please submit your question by email to oregonccpt132@gmail.com and we will make sure we get you an answer or answers. If you have a question you really want to make sure gets answered, email anneliese.sheahan@gmail.com BEFORE 2/15/24 at 9 pm). 
    • What are we eating? Friday night we have small bites -- desserts and various skewers of finger foods. To make sure that everyone gets their fair share, please stick to 3 desserts and 2 skewers until after 7 pm at which point you can eat to your heart's content what remains. Saturday we have a yogurt bar with fruit, granola, bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. Lunch Saturday is a make your own taco bar (ground beef or chicken or both) with all the fixings, corn and flour tortillas, rice and refried beans. Saturday afternoon between the sessions you can grab assorted meats and cheeses along with party breads, crackers and an assortment of cookies. Coffee, Tea and water will be available all day Saturday and Friday night. Lemonade and Iced Tea will be available at lunch until it runs out. If there is still food on the table, you can absolutely go back for seconds and thirds but won't be able to carry any food out (no take out). 
    • What does the agenda look like?
    Friday Night --
    5:30 pm     Registration opens.
    6 pm          Refreshments available.
    6:30 pm     Panel discussion begins. We will be recording this session and will make it available on our website.
    8:30 pm     Panel discussion closes.
    Please note that all participants must be clear of the building by 845 pm. This is Roth's policy, not ours, so please cooperate. 
    Saturday -- 
    8 am          Registration resumes. Yessika (Keynote Speaker) will circulate the room and take your questions about family child care and the (newish) California child care union including what they have achieved in bargaining.
    8:15 am     Breakfast is served.
    8:30 am     Keynote formal address begins. (must be signed in by 8:25 am to get credit for this session)
    9:15 am     Keynote wrap up.
    9:20 am     Block 1 Training Sessions (2 hours)
                     Set 1, PM, Insurance for Licensed Family Child Care Providers
                                Presented by Insurance Broker/Agent. What do you need?
                                How do you get it? What is underwriting? How can I pass
                                underwriting? What does the law say about homeowners
                                insurance? Why is it so expensive and why did the rates
                                skyrocket this year? Get YOUR questions answered.
                     Set 1, PPLD, Being A Woman Achieving DreamsBeing a woman 
                                in the 20th century means having more opportunities, freedom, 
                                and being able to pursue our dreams compared to past times, 
                                however the lack of access to financing, gender stereotypes and 
                                the reconciliation of work and personal life can be obstacles for 
                                us as women entrepreneurs. Female empowerment is the path 
                                to equality, freedom and the realization of dreams for women in 
                                the 20th century...Together we are unstoppable!! 
                                Yessika Magadelano, trainer
                    Set 1. O&A, Creative Observation Strategies. Share creative
                               observation strategies. Exchange ideas and collaborate with
                               your fellow early childhood experts. Learn how to work more 
                               observation into each day -- simple, easy strategies that don't
                               take too much time or other resources. Rionna Ruley, trainer.
                   Set 3, DIV, Diversity: Best Practices in FCC. Explore diversity in FCC
                              to build your business and as a program culture. Diversity in 
                              hiring staff, in your clients, and in your community. Tie in FCS
                              themes from real life. Learn about barriers commonly faced in
                              our communities and in child care programs (generally). Work
                              with other FCC providers to strategize how to use inclusion 
                              strategies to break those barriers down. Ali Sanz, trainer.
    11:20 am          Lunch is served. NOTE: No continuing education hours will be given from 11:20 am until the beginning of the next session.
    11:40 am          Membership meeting begins. Nominations will be taken after 12 noon. 
                            Not a union member? Meet with out union staff and find out more about CCPT and AFSCME 
                             and why you want to become a member (this is an optional offering). 
    12:00 pm          Nominations will begin shortly after.
    12:40 pm          Meeting adjourns. Please head out to your next training session.
    12:45 pm          Block 2 Training Sessions (2 hours)
                             Set 2, PM Using Social Media to Improve Child Care ProgramsProviders 
                                              will have fun at this training on using social media technics to 
                                              improve relationships with families, colleagues and the community. 
                                              You will examine social media for marketing and public relations. 
                                              This is the age of social media. Get on board so you are not left behind.
                                              Faye Zepeda, trainer.
                            Set 2, PM Resolving Conflict with Daycare ParentsCome to this training to 
                                             explore how to avoid conflicts with parents and how to manage them 
                                             when they happen. Practice your conflict management skills and hone 
                                             your skills in writing policies.
                  Set 3, DIV Diversity: Best Practices in FCC. Continued with Ali Sanz.   
                            Set 2, PM It Will Never Happen to Me 2024 Update with NEW licensing rules and
                                             the newest changes in the law as well as DELC policies. Anneliese, trainer
    2:45 pm          Join us out in the common area for a mid-afternoon snack and beverages.
    3 pm               Block 3 Training Sessions (2 hours)
                           Set 2, PM Using Social Media to Improve Child Care Programs. Faye Zepeda, trainer. Continued 1 hr.(Move to panel after)
                           Set 2, PM Resolving Conflict with Daycare Parents. Joyce, McCoy, trainer. Continued 1 hr. (Move to panel after)
                           Set 3, DIV Diversity: Best Practices in FCC. Continued with Ali Sanz. Continued 2 hrs (These participants will miss panel)
                           Set 2, PM It Will Never Happen to Me. Anneliese, trainer 2 hrs (These participants will miss panel)
    4 pm               Block 3 Training Sessions (last hour for those in a 3 hr afternoon class)
                           Set 1, LEC Expulsion and Suspension, A Frank Discussion with FCC. Panelists will take on 
                                        the very complex issues of expulsion and suspension in a townhall style meeting moderated
                                        by our union. This session will be recorded and available for viewing from our website after conference.
    5 pm               Conference closed. Please deposit your Conference Evaluation as you exit. See you next year! 
    • Use the bathroom as needed.
    • Yes, you can go down to the grocery store and buy whatever you want but the grocery store purchases are not connected to the conference.
    • Please do not take more food than you can eat at the conference -- the food isn't "to go".
    • You will need to wear your name tag to get food (there will be one for Friday and one for Saturday in your folder with your "certificate").
    • Our union meeting is for members only -- if you aren't a dues paying member, you will need to eat and mingle in the other luncheon room.
    • If you need to take a cell phone call or answer emails/texts, please exit the training room or meeting briefly. Please note that our room host or hostess may need to amend the hours on your label for that session if you miss more than a combined 20 minutes of the training (including arriving late or leaving early).
    • We are working hard to give you the very best experience. Please find an executive board member or steward if you need anything. And please be patient and flexible with us (Murphy's Law applies). We aren't perfect -- expect some small glitches. 

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