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    Please complete our Survey for LICENSED PROVIDER for Health Insurance Work Group

    Use the link to take the survey -- we need at least 250 providers to take this survey. Our securing  health insurance for all of us DEPENDS ON YOU COMPLETING THIS SURVEY! Our future depends on YOU completing this survey. If providers don't step up, we might lose this valuable opportunity.

    2023 Health and Safety Training/CF Orientation Activity for New Staff

    2023 Current Child Care Rules in Oregon (Translation to Spanish in Process) CKC:HSN      Set: 1 Hours: 4 This training can be used to satisfy requirements for: HSN hours for licensing renewals, Staff orientation on licensing rules, Hours for increasing step level on ORO, and Hours for annual/biannual continuing education for licensing.

  • Officers & Staff
    President and Steward
    Rachael Lamet

    My name is Rachael Lamet. I have a Certified Family child care in Salem. When I joined the union, I became an active member in fighting for all family child care providers and children. I have been involved with early childhood education my entire life. My mom set a great example as a scholar and advocate for education and women’s rights. She helped me learn how to advocate and help the youngest of our population through compassion, and patience. My early education along with my degree in Business (with a specialty in Human Resources) and I working in management for years as an operations manager prepared me for running a child care business. I also worked in floral management and design. I found my true calling in family child care. Currently, I am an Early Head Start contractee at my family child care program. 

    Before being elected local president, I served our local as secretary and as a peer advocate/steward. I am excited and motivated to help all providers learn and grow along with advocating for us all. I want to help us to protect our rights as individuals. I want us to help, support, and empower all RF and CF child family care providers. I am a person that fights for everyones’ rights. I believe that everyone should be given equitable opportunities.

    1st Vice President
    Sabi Velasco

    My name is Sabi Velasco and I am originally from Mexico from the state of Oaxaca. I have 5 children and I am proud to have a large family. I have more than 26 years working in early education. In 2012 I became a member of local 132 with our childcare provider union. I have more than 12 years running my child care program. One of the reasons I am part of this field is because today's children need socio-emotional help and being in my program we can work with the family and the children. When children are emotionally regulated they are successful in school and in their lives. One of the main reasons I am on the board is so that all providers from all different languages have representation and have a voice each and every one of us is the union should be heard.

    2nd Vice President
    Amber Oldridge

    We are waiting for Amber's photo and bio -- check back soon! ;)

    Local Treasurer, Chief Union Steward, Local Union Rep and Council Independent Sector VP
    Anneliese Sheahan



    Anneliese Sheahan, Licensed Family CF Child Care Gladstone, OR. Specializing in infant and toddler care for children under 2. In the early childhood field since 1994. Graduate of UWSP. Currently pursuing my Juris Doctorate at Purdue Global (yes, that same Purdue University just online). I opened my first licensed family child care in 2002. Advocate at the state and federal level since 2004. I moved to Oregon in March of 2016, and was the staff rep for the local for just over 3 years before transitioning back into owning a licensed family child care.

    My passion is helping family child care providers -- any way I can! Please give me a call anytime -- I am always here to chat, to assist, to provide training, to lend an empathetic ear and do whatever I can for my fellow family child care providers.

    I have been a child care union member of CCPT in Wisconsin and Oregon since 2005. I believe a strong child care union makes a significant impact in our lives, our businesses and our child care industry -- it is because we have a strong child care union that we have a strong family child care workforce. Come join me on FB at OCCPT -- our public page. 

    New for 2023 -- if you are facing a DELC or DHS action against you or your license, Lois Cardenas (MacDonald) and I are your local union representatives and can lay-litigate an administrative (aka Contested Case) hearing for you -- with legal standing to be your legally recognized representative. Please reach out and contact me if you need our help (reach out to Lois in Spanish). I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice (nor can Lois) but we will fight for you, your reputation, your business, your staff, and your clients. We stand together -- you don't have to go it alone. While an attorney knows the law, they don't know our child care system, they likely don't know administrative laws, and they won't give you the time, attention, and communication you deserve. We support you, the whole you -- not just your case. <3

    Local Secretary
    Vanessa Brown


    NW Regional Director, Washington County
    Lisa Duffield



    Hello my name is Lisa Duffield. I am a certified family childcare provider located in Beaverton, Oregon. I have always loved working with children, and after graduating High School, started working in a nonprofit preschool and child care center. Through work experience and community-based training, I became a lead preschool teacher. In 2006 I opened my own in-home Preschool/Childcare business, which I have run successfully for 16 years with my husband. I am passionate about supporting other providers in their childcare journey, and helping providers understand and fight for their rights. I have been a union member for many years and value all of the hard work our providers do and believe that, together with our strong voices and unity, we are able to accomplish amazing things. I served as Washington County Regional Director for 2 years before I served as Local President (February 2022 to February 2024). 

    NW Regional Director (not Washington county)
    Katarina Sprague

    We are waiting on Katarina's bio and photo -- check back soon! ;)

    Eastern Regional Director
    Alexia Nice

    We are waiting for Alexia's bio and photo -- check back soon! ;)

    North Central Regional Director
    Anna Pickel


    Hi, my name is Anna Pickel and I'm an Oregon native. I have worked with children in varying capacities since 2001. I became a licensed family childcare provider in 2012 and own Happy Go Lucky Childcare in SE Portland. I joined Local 132 in 2013 and have two boys of my own, both of which were raised in my program. I am passionate about helping other child care providers because I would not be where I am today without the guidance and mentorship from other providers when I was first starting out. I have successfully implemented The Pyramid Model in my child care program and am working on becoming a Master Trainer so I can offer high quality training to other providers to continue to share my knowledge. Both my parents were public school teachers for 30 years so I saw many times in my childhood the importance of having a union, strength in numbers and how much educators had to advocate for themselves to get the rights and respect they deserved. I was thrilled to join Local 132 when I learned about its existence and have been an active member ever since!

    North Central Regional Director (not Multnomah County)
    Vacant -- Your name could be here

    Your name, bio and picture here? contact our local union oregonccpt132@gmail.com for more info.

    South Valley Regional Director
    Rose Daily

    We are waiting for Rose's photo and bio -- check back soon! ;)

    Valley Regional Director
    Alisha Cox

    We are waiting on Alisha's bio and photo -- check back soon! ;)

    Central Regional Director, Bilingual Steward, Bilingual Local Union Rep
    Lois Cardenas (MacDonald)

    We are waiting for Lois's bio and photo -- check back soon! ;)

    Autumn David

    Hello, my name is Autumn David I have been a child care provider since 1996. I run a certified child care home in Salem, Oregon. In 2003, I received my Associates of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice. I thought I would want to go into the Criminal Justice field after graduation but was mentored by another provider to grow my child care business. At that time, I decided this would be my long-time career. I have also received step 10 in the Oregon registry.

    I have enjoyed being a provider because I am able to be with my child care children as well as being able to have my grandchildren in care. I have a lovely husband, four children and seven grandchildren. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, traveling and going to the family sporting events. My husband is from the Pacific Islands and we do a lot of cultural events within the Pacific Island community.  

    I am currently a steward for AFSCME Local 132 Child Care Providers Together. I am a past President of the local for ten years. I attend to many State level meetings to have the voice for my fellow providers and keep up to date as to what is going on in our field. I have mentored many providers to grow their business and grow their professionalism. My program is 5 Star Spark rated and a Preschool Promise site. I have an Oregon Registry step 10, a Director Credential and am a Master Trainer for providers.

    Trustee (2022-2025)
    Heather Schones

    Hola, my name is Heather Schones. I have been a child care provider for 8 years. I am a step 10 in the Oregon registry and working on my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at OSU. I run a dual language certified in-home childcare is South Salem and am 5-star rated. I work with Early Head Start and Preschool Promise.

    I became a child care provider to be able to stay home with my children and over the years the business has continued to grow. I have 4 children of my own ranging from age 19 to 3 years old. I love watching them play sports. My son is actively involved in football and my baby is soon to start sports. My oldest has finished school and is working and my 16-year-old is working on her IB level classes before she heads off to college. I volunteer at my children’s school and enjoy helping out in the class.

    I joined AFSCME to be a part of the change. To work with amazing people that go to work every day to better the lives and careers of childcare providers. They help fight for our rights and wages to make a living taking care life’s greatest treasures. Over the last few years we have made progress by leaps and bounds, and I am honored to be a part of it.

    Trustee (2023-2026)
    Kim Hess

    We are waiting for a bio and photo from Kim -- check back soon! ;)

    Trustee (2024-2027)
    Jean Bergeron

    We are waiting for Jean's bio and photo -- check back soon! ;)

    Childcare Organizer
    Aimee Olin



    Aimee Olin is originally from New England and moved to Portland OR in 2007 to become the Northwest Regional Director of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a membership organization of low and moderate income working families working to improve access to housing, healthcare, quality education and basic needs. As an organizer with ACORN, Aimee worked with the leadership and members to win key victories including preventing $4 million in cuts to early learning, nurses, and guidance counselor programs in schools in Providence RI and the passage of a consumer protection law in Oregon giving more rights to families who were struggling with mortgage default and foreclosure. Before joining AFSCME Council 75, Aimee was the Community Engagement Manager for 211info where she conducted community presentations to service providers and community members on how to find resources, programs and services for individuals and families in need in Oregon. Before moving to the Northwest, Aimee worked and volunteered in a childcare center and a family based childcare home. Aimee is excited to join all her past experience and put it to good use recruiting new members to the child care union and supporting childcare providers in the region.

    Aimee joined AFSCME in 2018 as a community organizer whose role was to recruit new members to our Child Care local, identify and develop new leaders and turnout members to events. Last year she became the staff representative for CCPT as well adding to her role assisting members with any issues they have with state agencies and working on overall policy changes that are needed to support all family child care providers. She has over ten years of experience as a community organizer. As a Regional Director for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), for nine years, she has built and been part of several community-labor coalitions that served both rural and urban communities in states that include: California, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and Washington. Nine years of experience in legislative policy work in Oregon and several other states, counties and municipalities. Thirteen years of field work experience including legislative and political campaign coordination, door-to-door canvassing and member recruitment. Most importantly, she is committed to developing autonomous community groups led by the people affected by the issues they choose to address.

    Staff Rep

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