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    November 2023 Union's Public Testimony on Rule Revisions (4 RACs) and to ELC

    Please see the attached document below (downloadable in pdf format). These were approved by the Local Executive Board. While the Local Executive Board is supportive of some of the rule language, we condemn some of the proposed rules and are strongly against those rules passing.
    Download: 2023 November 29 414 RAC public testimony CCPT Local 132 Official.pdf

    Nominations Meetings for 2 Delegates and Executive Board of Local (Postcard sent to all dues paying members 11/30/23)

    Nominations Meeting: Special Election Delegate & Local EBoard  -- Reunión de Nominaciones: Delegado de Elección Especial y Elecciones Locales Date/Fecha: 12/20/23   Time/Tiempo: 6:30 pm (Delegates/Delegados) Date/Fecha: 02/10/24   Time/Tiempo: 12 pm (Eboard) Nominate yourself or someone else. Nominations will start promptly.

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  • Morrow and Umatilla Emailed Letter from DELC Licensing Specialists on Well Water Contamination
    Updated On: Nov 333, 2023

    SAMPLE: Open the attachment below to access the links

    Email Subject Line: Well Water Quality Issue: Information for Well Users in Morrow and Umatilla
    Dear [Insert Child Care Provider Name],

    I have been learning about well water contamination in parts of northern Morrow County or northwest
    Umatilla County (click here for map) from environmental public health experts at the Oregon Health
    Authority. High levels of a chemical called nitrate have been found in wells in this area. High levels of
    nitrate in the water you use for drinking and cooking can cause long- and short-term health effects.
    I wanted to pass along important information and free resources to help well-water users. Feel free to
    forward this email to families and other members of the community that may use well water in this

    Do I get my drinking water from a well or a public water system?

    If you pay a water bill, you are connected to a public water system, not a well. If you are renting, check
    with the property owner to find out more information about your water source.

    How do I know if my well water is contaminated with nitrate?

    Wells may contain harmful levels of nitrate. High nitrate levels are dangerous to drink or cook with.
    Make sure your water is safe. Protect your family and children in your care. Nitrate in water cannot be
    seen or smelled.

    Get FREE well water tests, treatment, and drinking water.
    Visit testmywell.oregon.gov | para español oprima aqui 

    Call 211 | llame al 211

    You will not be asked to share your US citizenship status and you can receive a test no matter your
    status. Depending on the results of your test, you may have access to free water delivery and/or free
    water treatment.

    Why should I be concerned about high nitrate levels?

    A high level of nitrate is any level above 10 milligrams per liter of water and is not safe to drink or cook
    with.  Pregnant women and infants are the most at-risk. For example, infants fed baby formula mixed
    with high levels of nitrate-contaminated water are at risk for blue baby syndrome, a condition causing
    decreased ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen.

    Read and share this fact sheet on nitrate and health (also attached to this email).

    Where can I find more information?

    All this information and more is available on Oregon Health Authority’s website here in English and
    Spanish. Oregon Health Authority has several resources that you can share with other community
    members such as the families of children in your care. Click here to find banners, fact sheets, posters,
    magnets, and lawn signs in English and Spanish. There is an order form at the top of the webpage if you would like materials sent to you.

    Email domestic.wells@odhsoha.oregon.gov if you have questions on the nitrate well water

    [Insert Name]


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